Operational  Excellence  Assessment  and  Deployment  Approach

Approach LeadWe work with our clients, primarily smaller and medium-sized service and manufacturing organizations, hands-on and side-by-side to achieve their strategic and operational goals and objectives through the innovative application of Operational Excellence principles, methods, and tools.

Our services include onsite assessments, training solutions, Kaizen event facilitation, project support, as well as implementation support, and coaching to enable our clients to achieve superior performance through Operational Excellence.

We prefer to begin an Operational Excellence initiative with our in-depth Operational Excellence 360o Assessment TM of the organization’s current capabilities and opportunities. During the assessment, we will conduct extensive onsite observations, data-driven performance analysis & benchmarking, and focused one-on-one interviews and discussions.

However, often organizations prefer to start an Operational Excellence deployment by implementing specific Operational Excellence solutions, like a Hoshin Policy Deployment Workshop, a Lean Value Stream Mapping Event, or an A3 or 8D Problem Solving Process Workshop. These are obviously excellent approaches for you to learn more about our approach, style, and capabilities, and for us to better understand your organization's culture, strengths, and change readiness.

Operational Excellence Consulting provides a variety of high-quality and interactive Operational Excellence, Lean Management, and Six Sigma training and deployment workshops. Every workshop can, of course, be customized to match your specific requirements. To read more about some of our onsite workshops please visit Our Workshops.

However, should you feel that your organization is ready for a comprehensive Operational Excellence initiative, then we are ready to facilitate this effort using our well-defined and proven P-A-C-E Operational Excellence Deployment Process (Download Copy).

P-A-C-E stands for the four major phases Prepare - Align - Cascade - Execute of our Operational Excellence Deployment Process that we will customize to reflect your organization's specific business environment, challenges and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when deploying an Operational Excellence initiative.



Contact Us to learn more about our P-A-C-E Operational Excellence Deployment Process and to discuss how we can support you and your organization in establishing or accelerating your own Operational Excellence initiative.

Visit our OpEx Academy for Training Materials, eLearning Modules, Webinars, Online Courses, and Public Workshops.