Lean Value Stream Mapping e-Learning Module - Preview

The Lean Value Stream Mapping eLearning (VSM) Module v8.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Slideshow (narrated), with 4h 43m of audio, walking you slide-by-slide through our complete "Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM)" training module.

2. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 158 slides covering History of Lean Manufacturing, Five Lean Principles, Seven Lean Wastes, A Step-by-Step Approach to Value Stream Mapping with Examples, Basic Lean Management Methods, and Tools.

3. MS Excel Value Stream Mapping Symbols

4. MS Excel Value Stream Mapping Team Charter Template

5. MS Excel Future State Transformation Plan Template

6. MS Excel Process Study Worksheet Template & Example, Work Chart Template, Work Combination Table Template & Example, and Process Capacity Worksheet Template & Example

7. MS Excel Project Evaluation & Selection Matrix to ensure alignment of Operational Excellence, Lean Management, and Six Sigma projects to the Balanced Scorecard


Lean Value Stream Mapping eLearning Module - Trailer


Note: This eLearning Module includes our complete Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Training Material.

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Last Update: June 20, 2017

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