Six Sigma Airplane Launcher Set - Preview

The Six Sigma Airplane Launcher Set includes 2 Airplane Launcher Kit and is a great training aid for teaching Statistical Process Control, Process Capability Studies, Hypothesis Testing (e.g. 1 Sample t-Test, 2 Sample t-Test, Analysis of Variance, Correlation & Regression Analysis), Multiple Regression Analysis, and Full & Fractional Factorial Design of Experiments.

The Six Sigma Airplane Launcher Set includes:

1. 2 Launch Pads made in the U.S.A from beautiful mahogany wood (W 5.5” - L 16.5” - T 0.75”)

2. 4 Guillow Balsa Wood Model Airplanes made in the U.S.A.

3. 2 Assortments of 8 Rubber Bands of different Colors and Tensions

4. 2 Tape Measures (26' or 8m)

5. 2 Utility Knives

6. PowerPoint Presentation (as shown below)

The entire Six Sigma Airplane Launch Set weights about 6 lbs.



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