Process Mapping SmartSheets Bundle with 2 Rolls

SmartSheets turn any wall or flat surface into a whiteboard. They work great for Process and Value Stream Mapping activities. Bundle includes our Business Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping training material.




SmartSheets turn any wall or flat surface into a whiteboard that you can take with you. They cling to almost any flat surface without using tape, and work great for Process Mapping or Value Stream Mapping activities. SmartSheets can be written on with dry erase markers for easy erasing, or regular markers for long lasting notes.

We also include two of our training modules for you.

The Process Mapping SmartSheets Bundle includes:

1. 2 Rolls of SmartSheets (dry erase) each with 40 sheets (W 23.5" - L 31.25")

2. Business Process Improvment Training Module, including 127 PowerPoint slides, as well as additional worksheets and templates, covering our Business Process Improvement Methodology (BPI 7) training module.

3. Lean Value Stream Mapping Training Module, including 158 PowerPoint slides, as well as additional templates and worksheets, covering our Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM) training module.


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