8. Lean 5S Visual Workplace Organization Training Module - Preview

The Lean 5S Visual Workplace Training Module v6.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 123 slides covering Introduction to 5S Visual Workplace Organization, Seven Lean Wastes & Productivity, Benefits, Types of Resistance, Key Success Factors, Step-by-Step 5S Implementation Process, Concept of Discipline, Red Tag Template, Marking Color Guidelines, 5S Area Evaluation Form and Scoring Guidelines.

2. MS Excel 5S Red Tag Template

3. MS Excel 5S Color Coding Scheme

4. MS Excel 5S Red Tag Inventory Sheet

5. MS Excel 5S Audit Checklist & Score (5 Questions for each of the "5S")

6. MS Excel 5S Scoring Guidelines (0 - 4)

7. MS Excel 5S Audit Results Radar Plot



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Last Update: May 27, 2019

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