The STRATEGY AND BALANCED SCORECARD DEPLOYMENT Module Library includes the latest versions of our Strategic Planning - Hoshin Policy Deployment Process and our Balanced Scorecard Development and Deployment Process module to support your organization's Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard Deployment activities.

The Strategic Planning - Hoshin Policy Deployment Process Training Module v9.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 137 slides covering our Strategic Planning Process based on Hoshin Policy Deployment, including

  • Introduction to Hoshin Policy Deployment,
  • Organizing the Strategy Process,
  • Current State Analysis (CSA),
  • Strategic Vision and Vision Elements,
  • Strategic Breakthrough Goals and Objectives,
  • Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecard,
  • Strategic Initiatives and Tactics,
  • Strategic Projects and Activities, and
  • Management Review Process.

2. MS Excel Templates for Annual Planning Review (Level 1 & Level 2), Criticality Analysis, Radar Gap Analysis Chart, Strategy Grid Alignment Matrix, Strategy Grid Correlation Matrix, Balanced Scorecard & Example, Project Prioritization & Selection Matrix, Effort - Benefit Matrix, A3 Project Charter, A3 Project Documentation, and Bowling Chart.

3. MS Word Current State Analysis (CSA) and SWOT Analysis Questionnaire

4. MS Excel Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment X-Matrix Template (Level 1 and Level 2+)


The Balanced Scorecard Development & Deployment Process Training Module v10.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 95 slides covering

  • Balanced Scorecard History & Benefits,
  • Four Dimensions of a Balanced Scorecard,
  • Balanced Scorecard Development & Deployment Process,
  • Balanced Scorecard Deployment Challenges & Resolution Strategies,
  • Balanced Scorecard Template & Detailed Instructions, and
  • Project Evaluation & Selection Matrix.

2. MS Excel Balanced Scorecard Template and Example

3. MS Word Workshop Agenda & Evaluation Sheet for a Balanced Scorecard Development Workshop

4. MS Excel Project Evaluation & Selection Matrix to ensure alignment of Operational Excellence, Lean Management, and Six Sigma projects to the Balanced Scorecard


For details please review the individual training modules included in this library.

Last Update: March 25, 2020

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