2. Strategy Planning and Deployment Training Module

MS PowerPoint Presentation with 108 slides, as well as additional worksheets, templates and forms, covering our Strategy Planning and Deployment Process.





The Strategy Planning and Deployment Training Module v8.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 108 slides covering our Strategy Planning and Deployment Process using Strategy Maps and Hoshin Kanri, including Introduction to Strategy Planning, Organizing the Process, Current State Analysis (CSA), Strategic Vision Elements, Strategic Breakthrough Objectives, Strategy Maps, Strategic Initiatives and Tactics, Strategy Deployment Matrix, and Strategy Implementation and Review.

2. MS Excel Templates for Annual Planning, Criticality Analysis, Force Field Analysis, Radar Gap Analysis Chart, Strategy Grid Alignment Matrix, Strategy Grid Correlation Matrix, Project Selection Matrix, Bowling Chart, and Strategy Implementation Review Table.

3. MS Word Current State Analysis (CSA) Questionnaire

4. MS Excel Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment X-Matrix Template

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Last Update: September 12, 2018


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