15. Confidence Interval Analysis Training Module - Preview

The Six Sigma Confidence Interval Analysis (CIA) Training Module v1.0 includes:

1. MS PowerPoint Presentation including 72 slides covering theory and examples of Confidence Interval Analysis and Hypothesis Testing for CIA for one Mean Value, Comparison of two Mean Values, Comparison of a Paired Data Sets, CIA for one Standard Deviation, Comparison of two Standard Deviations, CIA for Capability Indices, CIA for one Defect Rate, Comparison of two Defect Rates, CIA for one Count, and Comparison of two Counts.

2. MS Excel Six Sigma Confidence Interval Analysis Calculator making it really easy to calculate Confidence Intervals (mean value, standard deviation, capability indices, defect rate, count) and perform a Comparison of two Statistics (mean values, standard deviations, defect rates, counts).



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Last Update: March 14, 2016

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